Who is #lowtech? A community of nerds who like solving problems and arguing. Where are you? We are on the OFTC IRC network in the #lowtech channel Stuff we like Evidence, reason, linux, thinkpads, sosig, and big machines. Stuff we don’t like Spam, and imaginary thinking. …but where are you in meatspace? Our members are from all over the globe I have another question… Jump into the #lowtech IRC channel and ask us. [Read More]

Code of Conduct

The #lowtech code of conduct is:

  1. Don’t post spoilers
  • Don’t dox others
  • Don’t attack people’s IRL problems
  • Don’t defend ideas that are stupid
  • Don’t interrupt tasteful ascii art
  • Don’t mention the existence of i3-gaps in any way
  • Do post links to good music
  • Do come with a thick skin
  • Anyone who forms a committee shall be code of conducted to death

Suggestions for additions, changes, removals, complaints, and general hand-wringing must be directed in writing to the #lowtech channel on OFTC with an associated pull request to the GitHub website repository